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From: "Dr. Ayesha Gaddafi"<agaddafix830@gmail.com>
Reply: <agaddafix830@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2024 05:13:35 -0800
Subject: From Dr. Ayesha Gaddafi
Good Day ,

Am Aisha Gaddafi daughter of late Colonel Gaddafi the Libyan leader. I am contacting you to assist me in removing the sum of sixty five million USA dollars being deposited with a security company in UAE Dubai.

The funds was deposited with a security company in my name and as a matter of fact, me my only surviving son manage to escape with the help of a security guard on duty that fateful day, I am presently into hiding in a refugee camp between the border of Chad and Nigeria because I know that the regime of my father has collapse after his death.

Please for your kind assistance I will offer you 30% of the total sum, all the legal documentation concerning the deposit are with me, I will issue power of attorney making you the new beneficiary of the deposit so that the security company can release the FUNDS to you.

Once you successfully secure the FUNDS from the security company an arrangement would be made for disbursement.

May Allah grant you the heart to assist me and my only son in this our trial period, please never you abandon me with my son just because we are Arabs, but I want to assure you that honesty and trust must remain our bond.

Get back with your details so that we can proceed without delay because l am here without help from no one.
Please you can reach me on my private email : agaddafix830@gmail.com

Dr. Ayesha Gaddafi

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