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From: Mike Lami Milla <mikelemimilla0237@outlook.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 13:19:11 +0000
Subject: Private Message,


I am Mr. Mike Lami Milla. My father Mr. Jimmy Lemi Milla was the
minister of Cooperatives and Rural Development, South Sudan. My father
Mr. Jimmy Lami Milla and his bodyguard were shot dead in Juba on
Wednesday February 9, 2011 and my mother died 8 years ago.

Please view this website for verification
 <Link to BBC news article> 

Before he died, he revealed to me about the two boxes, one of the
boxes containing 225kg Gold Bars and the other box containing $18.6
Million which he deposited with a security company in Ghana for safe

Please note that the deal requires a high level of maturity, honesty
and secrecy.

I have agreed that 30% of the total amount will be for your effort and
another 5% to cover all the expenses that may incur during the
business transaction.

I will give you details and procedure when I receive your reply, i
will be waiting for your response in a timely manner. Contact me with
my private email: mikelemimilla23@gmail.com 


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