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From: "Ayesha Hassan" <sun.burn.sea.water@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2024 20:25:27 -0600
Subject: Hi there


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Hi there,

My name is Ayesha Hassan, I am 60, an ex-businesswoman, and a
freelance writer. I am sephardi, I returned from brussels mid last
year, because my husband, an ashkenazim, died during covid-19. I spent
35 beautiful years of my life in europe with him. I did save your
email address some months ago after I read your comments on a social
post, that I cannot remember now. I wanted to connect with you, to
engage in a casual and interesting discussion about life in general,
but unfortunately, my illness hasn’t kept me stable. Sadly, I am dying
of cancer and in hospice care in buena park ca.
 As my spirit has led, I am writing to make a critical request, with
the hope that you will do it, and do it in a manner that will gratify
my heart’s desire, which I believe will leave me and my husband with a
ton of peace in our afterlife. Since I made a financial decision to
give charity of monies that I have no use for at this point, I want
you to use it towards community projects that will give immense help
to the benefactors of any selected cause, and that you shall find
worthy, so long it serves the purpose of love and peace for humanity.
I don’t know you, but my instincts tell me to do this now, in good
faith and I hope that you act sincerely. Can you do this? Please do
this, otherwise, since I’m helpless, the bank will have it. And that
isn’t what I want. I’ll be glad to have the opportunity to see your



_…… Dodi Li Va’Ani Lo_

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