From: "Sarah Davies" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2024 09:48:45 -0800
Attention my dear

My name is Mrs. Sarah Davies, I am a dying woman who had decided to donate what I have for Charities.I am 69 years old and was diagnosed with cancer about four years ago, immediately after the death of my husband.Your work of Charity in one of the homes I visit reposed my total confidence in you that I can trust you for this work.

I have been touched to donate part of what I have inherited from my late husband for the good work rather than allow his wicked relatives to lavish my husband’s hard earned fund when I am gone.

When I was in better health, I never really cared for anybody with no children of my own and a late husband. I was a selfish and greedy person. But I had an encounter which changed my belief about life. I have decided to donate the sum of $10.8M to you, so you can disburse to charities, widows, orphans and the less privileged.

I was doing this myself when I was healthy but now my health has deteriorated. I wanted my relatives to do this for me but they only saw it as an opportunity to enrich themselves.As I lay on my sick bed, I want you to help me in carrying out my last wish on earth which I trust will be very profitable to you and humanity.

I will be going in for an operation soon, I want this last wish of mine to be an offering to humanity, perhaps Father will have mercy on me. Please contact me soon so I can instruct you what to do before I undergo my next operation. I plead your utmost sincerity and honesty in handling this task as an honest Christian.
Thank you.

Stay blessed,
Mrs. Sarah Davies.

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