Mrs Sammyil Othman Mrs Sammyil Othman

From: "Mrs Sammyil Othman" <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2024 12:11:52 +0100
Subject: Mrs Sammyil Othman !!


How are you and happy new year.

It seems to me most precious to write to you today. I have checked your business cycle and trust around you and found out that you are capable and worthy to collaborate with me in terms of investment in your country. I would appreciate it if we can team up with you to prosper the more.

However, my name is Mrs Sammyil Othman. I would like to invest through you in your country. Honestly, the owner of this large funds passed on and advised that i should

invest the funds since he has no child to inherit the fund. He further advised that anyone I have trusted to manage the funds shall be well accepted by his spirit
after death. He died of Cancer in 2020. The amount is 2.7b euros.

Therefore I implore you to open up firm discussions with me and move on with the investment plan.I will explain more when I see your response and questions.

Send your reply to this email here:

Mrs Sammyil Othman
Attorney at law.

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