Alex Brown RE: Request for Proforma Invoice

From: "Alex Brown" <>
Date: 21 Jan 2024 19:08:49 -0800
Subject: RE: Request for Proforma Invoice

Dear sir,

I am following up on your previous conversation with my colleague who
is on sick leave at the moment. Attached is the Revised
PO_20240122.xlsx with item number #3 and #5 removed as advised.

 Download attachment file
 <Suspicious hyperlink> domain =”7122″]

Kindly send in your PI with bank details and plan to arrange shipment
within this week as 30% downpayment will be made tomorrow morning.

Your swift response will be highly appreciated.


Alex Brown
Procurement Manager
Pan Marine (Shanghai) Corp., Ltd.
Tel:  [tel:+86-21-5058-0084]86-21-5058-1239
Website  <Suspicious hyperlink> 


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