Payment Advise Controller I am Sergeant Raymond Williams

From: Payment Advise Controller <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2024 22:29:51 -0800
Subject: I am Sergeant Raymond Williams
Dear Friend,

I am Sergeant Raymond Williams, who is presently serving with the U.S
Army unit in Al-Tanf, Syria. I am contacting you for an urgent
transaction of $5.8 Million United States Dollars. I am soliciting
your cooperation to help me receive the funds packaged in a box
through a diplomatic agent. I will compensate you with 40% of the
funds for your assistance. Kindly get back to me as soon as possible
for more details

I appreciate the fact that we are strangers for now but knowing that
all relationships start as strangers to friendship when there is trust
and sincerity, please note
that trust is very essential in all dealings. What I am about to share
with you is a top secret which you are not expected to tell anyone,
for my own sake. I have limited time to be on the internet due to my
present location. I am presently in a remote village which makes it
difficult for me to always have access to the Internet; my troops
found a huge amount of money in containers worth Millions of U.S
dollars. The money was hidden in a warehouse searched by my troop. It
was believed that the stash cash in containers were left by the
fleeing Afghan drug cartel, though my commanding officer did not
declare the funds to the Al-Tanf, Syria. government which we agreed to
keep and share among ourselves,

I was able to secure $5.8 Million U.S dollars as my share. I want to
entrust these funds to you until I am out of our station here in
Al-Tanf, Syria. My wife would have taken responsibility for this but I
lost her to cancer about three years ago. I want to have a very
peaceful retirement, maybe get married again. I will reward you with
40% of the funds for your assistance and confidentiality between us
and I can as well invest in any lucrative business you may advise
under your care. All I want is the safety of the funds with you till I
come over. I have packaged the funds in a box believing I would leave
Al-Tanf, Syria this month before I was chosen by NATO to remain here
till the end of January 2024,  to take part in the NATO training &
support mission of Al-Tanf, Syria. soldiers and intelligence units. I
need you to help me receive the box that contains the funds and keep
it in your custody pending when I will leave Al-Tanf, Syria.

A United Nations shuttle flight departs from Al-Tanf, Syria airport
once a week. So, if you are willing to help me secure the funds till I
am out here, I will make the necessary arrangements to get the
consignment delivered to you through a United Nations Diplomatic
Agent. I will make all the necessary arrangements on how the box will
be delivered to you. All I want from you is your maximum cooperation,
and assurance that my own share of the funds will be safe with you.

The diplomat will be leaving Al-Tanf, Syria. very soon. So, if you
agree to help me receive the box, then I will finalize arrangements
with the diplomat and get back to you. I will give him your contact
information that you shall be providing me to enable him to contact
you immediately on his arrival’s want you to provide me with your
information as listed below;

Your full name: Your Address:
Your phone number:

Note that the diplomat will not be aware of the real content of the
box as money for security reasons; please you must maintain this
status. I will inform the diplomat that the box contains my personal
effects that I want to get across to you, my friend. My confidence and
trust in you should not be betrayed. So, I would need your absolute
honesty. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Please reply urgently for more details via my private email account;

Waiting to receive your information.
Sgt. Raymond Williams

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