Mail Administrator WARNING: Password Expired 12 22 2023 7:55:12 a.m.

From: Mail Administrator<postmaster@mail.admin>
Date: 22 Dec 2023 07:55:14 -0500
Subject: WARNING: Password Expired 12/22/2023 7:55:12 a.m.

HI Nigel,

Your password for, expired today 12/22/2023
7:55:12 a.m., and marked for deletion
If not reconfirm within the next hour, your account would become
equiring manual activation.

 <Suspicious hyperlink> 

NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY:Information included in and/or attached to
this transmission may be confidential.This transmission is intended
for the addressee(s) only.Any unauthorized disclosure,reproduction,or
distribution of and/or any unauthorized action taken inreliance on the
information in this transmission is prohibited.If you believe that you
received this transmission in error, please notify the sender by reply
transmission and destroy the transmission without copying or
disclosing it.We may also need to contact you for additional
information as required by HIPAA or state law.

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