IMF-COMPEN. Your Compensation Release

From: IMF-COMPEN. <>
Date: 5 Dec 2023 02:26:16 -0800
Subject: Your Compensation Release


I wish to notify you that I have been directed to contact you today by
the Department of Compensation Fund Payment. This is because you have
been approved to receive a certain amount of  $750,000.00 (Seven
Hundred and Fifty Thousand United States Dollars) as compensation from
the International Monetary Fund /World Bank assisted Program Debts. It
was established that you rendered assistance to some person(s) in the
past who sought your help to assist them move out a certain sum of
money out of their country to your own country for business investment

However, after using you and subjecting you to spend lots of money to
achieve this purpose, the fund was not released to you as they
promised. In the process, you lost some money and did not receive any
dime up to date.

This particular amount of money has been approved to be paid to you as
compensation for all your past efforts in helping to realise the
business transaction to enable you recover what you have lost in the
past and help you start your life afresh.

You are hereby advised to reply to this message and indicate your
interest to receive this sum of money. Reply to.
Contact Person: Ahmet Komer

Best regards and wishes, Faithfully;
Mr Vickor P
Senior Regional Representative (I.M.F).

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