O.Pavlo Re:I wait for your response to my message

From: "O.Pavlo" <freemailinginboxapp3@ukraine.bakhmut.wheatseed.shop>
Reply: pavlo@ukraine.kyiv.fertilizersexporters.shop
Date: 01 Nov 2023 09:19:43 +0000
Subject: Re:I wait for your response to my message
My name is Pavlo from Ukraine.I have tried to reach you but find
it difficult due to internet scarcity here in this town.
I am contacting you because I want to come over to you country,I
have some funds I plan to invest in your country because I want
to relocate my Late Father business due to ongoing war in my
country Ukraine and visit your country to set up new investment
business you may advice profitable in your area.
I also have some millions of dollars i want to invest and 995kg
of 24carat gold I want to ship to your country and establish gold
jewelry manufacturing company.
I will offer you good monetary rewards for your help,due to how
russian drone boambards this town frequently,phone network is
disrupted because of attacks on network installations,please for
fast discussion, you can add me on whats up and let’s talk,this
is my whatsapp number below;

Thanking you as i wait to hear from you soon so i can tell you
more details.
God bless you for your care.


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