Miss Donna Brown Hello My Dearest 2

From: "Miss Donna Brown"<info@imf.fm>
Reply: <missdonnab180@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 00:08:10 -0700
Subject: Hello My Dearest 2

Dear Beloved One,

Peace be with you.

How are you doing today? I hope the good mercy of God is upon you and
your lovely family. I know this message might look strange or
surprising to you, but please do not disregard this message because i
come in peace, with the help of God our father who directed me to you
in my dream. I am Miss Donna Brown, I got your contact on my personal
search on a reliable trustworthy person to will my fund to, and you
were reviewed to me by the spirit of God in my dream. Based on that, I
have willed the only fund left in my account to you as I was directed
in my dream by God, Please, all I want you to do is to use my fund for
a charity organization orphanage home for the less privileged in your
home country.

secondly, if you want to know more details of why I have willed the
only funds left in my account to you, please do reply me and i will
explain more in details to you, I also i need you to keep me in your
prayers because right now I am in the hospital taking treatment for my
strange illness.

My beloved one, I want you to understand that this is genuine and not
a scam, as you might think, and bear this in your mind that if I
should SCAM you or any one today, it will definitely turn against me,
if not now definitely in the future to come, because it is said that
what goes around comes around. I am a dedicated Christian and I do
know the implication of such acts. May the lord bless you as you reach

Thank you as I await your response.

I await your urgent reply to me on this private email
(missdonnab180@gmail.com ).

Miss Donna Brown

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