Central Bank Dear Customer

From: Central Bank <cenbakorg@outlook.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2023 07:31:26 +0000
Subject: Dear Customer

Dear Customer,

I have some questions to you, please have you received your fund? You
have suffered for nothing without receiving your fund due to over
greediness of our bank Director that lead for his sacking. You would
have received your fund since your last payment but your problem is
over greediness of your representative that cost you a lot of money
and still yet, you have never received $1 into your account.

Your total money US$10,500 000.00 has been deposited with the bank
department, this is very secret information and I’m expecting your
urgent response before I can give you more details and the direct
contact information of the bank. There is two directors that wanted to
divert your payment to another bank, you are just paying all the money
as charges for nothing.

Listen very carefully, I’m giving you this information secretly and I
want you to keep it very secret. If you have received your money
US$10,500 000.00, let me know but if you did not receive your fund,
reply me through email urgently.

I am waiting for your response.


Paul Smith

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