Bhuvi.A Sales Procurement SERCO CO Purchase Order.

From: Bhuvi.A (Sales & Procurement) SERCO & CO
Date: 27 Sep 2023 07:49:56 +0200
Subject: Purchase Order.


  • Purchase Order RF729100017383919000119383110564-PDF.rar    VIRUS DETECTED 

Good day! Nigel

Please find attached Purchase Order _4102672345_ from _Serco Ltd (
Dubai Branch )_. We ask that you check the details of this order
including description, quantity, price,

Please quote this Purchase Order number and submit invoices to the
address specified, we also require hardcopy sent to our office

All queries related to payments and invoices should be directed to the
Accounts Payable team via the email address or phone number indicated
on the Purchase Order.


Kind Regards

_Serco Ltd ( Dubai Branch )  _

_Registered Office: 19th & 20th Floor, Rolex Tower,,Sheikh Zayed
Road,,Dubai,9197,Utd.Arab Emir._

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