Ismael Ism Re: I Really Need Your Audience Please.

From: Ismael Ism <>
Date: 23 Sep 2023 01:13:57 +0200
Subject: Re: I Really Need Your Audience Please.

Dear sir,

My name is Ismael Ismael, former deputy oil and mineral wealth
minister. I wish to invest in your country and I will need your help.

Your country has a sustainable economy mainly in the infrastructural
sectors. I want my daughter to immigrate to your country as an
investor into real estate properties or any-other solid investment
that will be supervised by you. My fund’s portfolio manager has
set-up the investment funds wire procedures were-by you will receive
the funds as an investment fund into your country without any problem
and the funds will have a traceable origin.

I wish for a prompt response from you regarding this email

You can contact me via email:

Warm regards


Ismael Ismael

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