ender@aquaflex.com.tr RE: Order Requirements – Invoice

From: ender@aquaflex.com.tr <ender@aquaflex.com.tr>
Date: 21 Sep 2023 19:21:05 +0200
Subject: RE: Order Requirements - Invoice


  • Order Requirements – Invoice.PDF.r01    VIRUS DETECTED 


As instructed by our Purchase Director in the email below, Kindly
download  our company’s 
purchase Order with detailed  specifications for goods, quantity,
quality  and port of delivery.
Kindly advice on duration and time of production, your best price
(please quote in USD),
your payment terms and how long to arrive at the port of delivery.
Your swift response towards this order is highly needed as we do have
an urgent demand for your products.

Thanks in advance as we await your response.

Maria Carolina
Head of sales and purchase department
Nosera Enterprises, U.K

From       Purchase Director
Sent:       Sept, 21, 20223 07:33 AM
To:     Nosera Enterprises
Subject: RE: Order Requirements Invoice

Dear Maria, 

Kindly send our order request to this supplier address  
Nigel@brendinghat.com for further inquiry

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards,

E ng    .M  ah
Purchase Director   
Nosera Enterprises

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