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From: "Backyard Miracle Farm" <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2023 10:22:28 -0500
Subject: Prepping to Become ILLEGAL?
Steps are already been taken to BAN
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prepping… especially stockpiling food right here in America.

For example, Trump has signed an executive order that gives the
government authority over and EVERY resource and infrastructure in the

For many American families, stockpiling will turn out to be a HORRIBLE
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idea… because the military, national guard, and local police can
enter our homes and SEARCH THEM WITHOUT A WARRANT…
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And take any “excessive resources” that you may have accumulated. This
includes your food stockpile.
But after 13 years of dedicated research, there is an invention… A
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and that will keep you and your family well fed in a crisis.

Some prepping experts call it “The Holy Grail Of Self Sufficiency”.

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He wanted to be something more than a barbarian chieftain. “The Irony
which I invoke is no cruel Deity. The populous countries of that
empire were the seat of art and learning, of luxury and wealth; and
the inhabitants, who had assumed the language and manners of Greeks,
styled themselves, with some appearance of truth, the most enlightened
and civilized portion of the human species. Now among the Jews the
ambition was who should undergo the first dangers, and thereby gratify
their commanders. So when a great part of the Germans had agreed to
rebel, and the rest were no better disposed, Vespasian, as guided by
Divine Providence, sent letters to Petilius Cerealis, who had formerly
had the command of Germany, whereby he declared him to have the
dignity of consul, and commanded him to take upon him the government
of Britain; so he went whither he was ordered to go, and when he was
informed of the revolt of the Germans, he fell upon them as soon as
they were gotten together, and put his army in battle-array, and slew
a great number of them in the fight, and forced them to leave off
their madness, and to grow wiser; nay, had he not fallen thus suddenly
upon them on the place, it had not been long ere they would however
have been brought to punishment; for as soon as ever the news of their
revolt was come to Rome, and Caesar Domitian was made acquainted with
it, he made no delay, even at that his age, when he was exceeding
young, but undertook this weighty affair. Most of those families,
however, attacked by so many causes of external violence or internal
decay, were gradually extirpated; and it would be more reasonable to
seek for a lineal descent of twenty generations, among the mountains
of the Alps, or in the peaceful solitude of Apulia, than on the
theatre of Rome, the seat of fortune, of danger, and of perpetual
revolutions. As she was to get under weigh early in the afternoon, I
made my appearance on board at twelve o clock, in full sea-rig, and
with my chest, containing an outfit for a two or three year voyage,
which I had undertaken from a determination to cure, if possible, by
an entire change of life, and by a long absence from books and study,
a weakness of the eyes, which had obliged me to give up my pursuits,
and which no medical aid seemed likely to cure. At last the danger was
over. Powerful in meaning and strong in expression as the English
language may be rendered by one who has the least experience in the
proper combination of words, yet it becomes totally inadequate to the
task of conveying an idea of those feelings—those harrowing
emotions—those horrifying sentiments, which were excited in the
breasts of Francisco di Riverola and the beautiful Flora by the
revolution of the manuscript. He didn t propose to be buncoed without
a fight. The Roman captives and deserters were tempted to enlist in
the service of a liberal and courteous adversary; the slaves were
attracted by the firm and faithful promise, that they should never be
delivered to their masters; and from the thousand warriors of Pavia, a
new people, under the same appellation of Goths, was insensibly formed
in the camp of Totila. – In what language did the Vandals read Homer?
To my great surprise, I began to discover that there was a Catholic
side to the Reformation, quite as much as a Protestant. Hudson, tom.
Theodosius had tarnished the glory of his reign by the elevation of
Rufinus; an odious favorite, who, in an age of civil and religious
faction, has deserved, from every party, the imputation of every
crime. When we came to masthead the topsail yards, with all hands at
the halyards, we struck up Cheerily, men, with a chorus which might
have been heard half-way to Staten Land. Wednesday passed, and
Thursday. He had taught school in Switzerland and had spent a couple
of years exploring the unknown “far west of America. There is the
Wheat, the supply. Even when he laid his head under the guillotine, he
felt that he was a much-abused man who had received a most
unwarrantable treatment at the hands of people whom he had loved to
the best of his limited ability.