Inspired by websites such as 419eater.com and 419awareness we decided to use our IT experience to help in the fight against the scammer.

All the Emails published here have been sent to one of our “honeypot” email accounts. Those Email accounts have never been used apart from the one time we left them lurking in a location where they would be scraped by unwelcome bots.  As we hoped, these honeypot Emails ended up being circulated on dodgy mailing lists. 

We have to process a few hundred Emails each day. After filtering out duplicates, we are currently publishing around 50 new spam/scam Emails each day. 

We aim to have our copy online, and indexed by Google, while the scammer is still generating his thousands of messages. The hope is that we help people who may be suspicious about an Email and do a quick Internet search before following up on the “huge payout from a random stranger”.

Interesting to note that we are receiving mainly scams and virus type Emails to our honeypots.  It is good to see that the traditional marketing spam that arrives at our real Email addresses have used legitimate sources for their mailing lists.

Apart from the scam Email publishing, this site is actively helping out other areas of Internet security. Some links are given below.


If your Google search led you to a page on here, you have received a SCAM. You win lotteries by buying a lottery ticket from a recognised company. No one has ever given their fortune to a random stranger because they were dying. No one will ever trust a random stranger to enter into huge money transactions.

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