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From: "Backyard Miracle Farm" <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2023 15:22:12 -0500
Subject: Prepping to Become ILLEGAL?
Steps are already been taken to BAN
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prepping… especially stockpiling food right here in America.

For example, Trump has signed an executive order that gives the
government authority over and EVERY resource and infrastructure in the

For many American families, stockpiling will turn out to be a HORRIBLE
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idea… because the military, national guard, and local police can
enter our homes and SEARCH THEM WITHOUT A WARRANT…
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And take any “excessive resources” that you may have accumulated. This
includes your food stockpile.
But after 13 years of dedicated research, there is an invention… A
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and that will keep you and your family well fed in a crisis.

Some prepping experts call it “The Holy Grail Of Self Sufficiency”.

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“If thou wast guilty in abandoning one who loved thee so tenderly,
and whose earthly reliance was on thee, he, whom you did so abandon,
has not the less need to ask pardon of thee. That s the way I am. At
last, when she was fifty years old, her day came and she went forth
that she might be among her own people when her baby should come into
this world. Vanamee understood him perfectly. “I have an
unconquerable desire to behold these diamonds——” “You, good
captain!” murmured Isaachar, trembling from head to foot. Most of
those families, however, attacked by so many causes of external
violence or internal decay, were gradually extirpated; and it would be
more reasonable to seek for a lineal descent of twenty generations,
among the mountains of the Alps, or in the peaceful solitude of
Apulia, than on the theatre of Rome, the seat of fortune, of danger,
and of perpetual revolutions. Have you depended on your multitude,
while a very small part of the Roman soldiery have been strong enough
for you? Above us the sky. Powerful in meaning and strong in
expression as the English language may be rendered by one who has the
least experience in the proper combination of words, yet it becomes
totally inadequate to the task of conveying an idea of those
feelings—those harrowing emotions—those horrifying sentiments,
which were excited in the breasts of Francisco di Riverola and the
beautiful Flora by the revolution of the manuscript. He had the power
of life and death over his people, and there was no law but his word.
The Roman captives and deserters were tempted to enlist in the service
of a liberal and courteous adversary; the slaves were attracted by the
firm and faithful promise, that they should never be delivered to
their masters; and from the thousand warriors of Pavia, a new people,
under the same appellation of Goths, was insensibly formed in the camp
of Totila. You don t mean it. Write to me from Honolulu, and bon
voyage. And this was what was contained in his testament, as it was
now altered. Governor, you sure did a risky thing when you went into
that Sacramento fight, an awful risky thing. I have marked the faint
and general outline of the Sclavonians and Bulgarians, without
attempting to define their intermediate boundaries, which were not
accurately known or respected by the Barbarians themselves. Harran
joined him at breakfast, in his working clothes of blue canvas. He had
taught school in Switzerland and had spent a couple of years exploring
the unknown “far west of America. Everywhere the palace of the king
had grown to enormous proportions, while the cities of the royal realm
were being surrounded by rapidly growing acres of slums Aloha nui!