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From: "olena" <brianjneal@legacylifeagent.com>
Reply: shevchenkoolena9@gmail.com
Date: Wed, 31 May 2023 13:22:42 -0700
Subject: hi
Hi, I want to use this channel of communication to ask for your permission to be my business partner in your country, My name is Olena Shevchenko from Ukraine. For your information, I lost my dear husband in the war front here in our country Ukraine. My late husband worked in the Oil and Gas sector before his death and left behind five million euros, wealth under my care. Due to the war and the sudden death of my husband, Yurris Shevchenko, I want to relocate and invest in the Real Estate sector, Travel & Tourism, Hotel Management and other interesting sectors in your country and I will need you to arrange it for me. If you know or have knowledge of any other profitable business that I can establish there in your country apart from real estate, then please recommend such a business to me so I can invest in it. I will be relying on your advice and guidance in this transaction if you agree to work with me.
Awaiting your quick response.

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