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From: "Ms.Amaira Singh" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2023 07:39:57 +0100
Hello my dear friend

Good day to you, I apologize for giving you this message without a
formal introduction because of the urgency of the matter. I’m glad to
know you But the Almighty Lord knows you better and knows why He
directed me to you at this moment.First of all, I am looking for a
good and reliable next of kin online. Due to urgency,I must fulfill my
last wish before I die soon. I am writing you this letter with heavy
tears in my eyes and great sadness in my heart.

My name is Mrs.Amaira Singh, I am from India and was married to
Mr.Peter Singh who worked in the Tunisian Embassy in Switzerland for
eighteen years before he died in 2014. When my late husband was alive,
he deposited a sum of ($2,850,000.00) Two million eight hundred and
fifty thousand dollars in the bank. This money is still pending in the
bank, He made it available before his sudden death to export gold from
Madrid in Spain. Recently, my doctor told me that I would not last
three months due to my current illness. What bothers me the most is

Knowing my condition, I have decided to give you this money to take
care of the less privileged people in the world and I will please ask
you to use this money as I am going to direct here. I would like you
to take 30 percent of this money for personal use and for your effort
and dedication in working on a charity project, while 70 percent of
the money will be used to work on a charity project and help out at
the orphanage,I grew up as an orphan and have no member of my family.

Also make sure that the house of God will be supported by these funds.
I do this so that God accepts my soul when I die soon because these
diseases have affected me so much. When I receive your answer I will
give you the contact details of the bank and instruct My Lawyer to
issue you with all the necessary documents proving that you are the
current beneficiary of this money in the bank, that is, if you assure
me that you will follow what I have told you here. I hope for your
reply if you are serious about this project and want to commit to it,
because I believe that I can trust you completely. Yours faithfully,
Sister. Amaira Singh.