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From: "Richard Edward (Esq)."<[email protected]>
Reply: <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 18:28:41 -0700
Subject: Next of kin to my late client.

Attention: Please,
I am contacting you about an urgent matter that would be very
beneficial to your family and mine. My name is Richard Edward (Esq),
and I am a personal attorney to my late client, an economist and a
retired banker by profession who shares the same surname with you. My
late client died of COVID-19 in 25th October, 2020. His Insurance
Company contacted me March this year to find his family so that the
estate he left behind could be transferred to the family.
However, due to the strict COVID-19 lock down policies, it was still
somewhat difficult to get in touch with any of his family members
until now. My client suffered so much health challenges in NIMES,
FRANCE before he died in his mid-80 of age due to deadly Covid-19
Virus that terribly affected the whole world.
He was not married as my legal record speaks and there’s no child or
family member indicated to stand as his Next of kin. The estate he
left behind with the Insurance company is valued at (€10,300,000.40)
Ten Million Three Hundred Thousand Euros forty cent only plus a
two-bedroom property in VALENCIA, SPAIN. As a matter of fact, this
estate would be absorbed by the Insurance Company if no family member
does not make a claim by the end of OCT, 2022. According to the
Spanish Inheritance law, the insurance company reserves the right to
take possession of the estate as abandoned estate if no claim is
presented by the diseased family after 5 years of death.
Considering the importance of having this estate and fund claimed by
the Next of Kin, I personally want to choose you to stand as the Next
of Kin to my late Client, hence you bear the same surname and with
your cooperation and assistance I shall process this claim swiftly and
successfully in your favour as the Next of Kin for immediate release
of the estate and fund to you.
As an Attorney to my late client, I have all the files and relevant
documents/ information needed to claim this inheritance from the
insurance company hence all I need is to present a family member which
is where you come in as all the legal documents would bear your names
as the Next of Kin. If you give me your consent, I shall progress on
the processing and application of the estate through appropriate legal
means to suit you as the Next of kin to my late client.
Please email me your consent as soon as possible to enable me know
what to respond to the insurance company on the outcome of finding my
late client family member.
I await your urgent reply.
Richard Edward (Esq).
Email: [email protected]