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From: RF Kk <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 12:36:25 -0700
Subject: Compensation Payment From me Master Jafet Simon Lagba
Good Day Beloved,

I am Master Jafet Simon Lagba, the young Refugee Boy from Ghana you
Stood for as His Foreign Beneficiary Long Time ago and I know you
might find it so Difficult to Remember me, though; it is indeed a very
long time. 

I take this Liberty to inform you that, the Previous Email I sent you
Concerning a Transaction Worth of $45 Million United State Dollars,
which I Contacted you to Stand for me as my Foreign Beneficiary and
you Accepted to be which Lead to you Spending a Lot of Money for the
Funds to get to you to Enable you Help me Come over and Stay with you
But at the end Nothing Happen because of one Reason or the other from
Unreliable Banks, Diplomats and Custom in your Country. 

It is my Pleasure to Inform you that, I have succeeded in Getting the
Funds Back from the Custom in your Country with the help of a GOD
Fearing Citizen in your Country who live in NICARAGUA and He came to
Ghana to Visit us in the Refugee Camp and when I Explain Everything to
him, He told me he will help me and as I speak to you now he is the
one that Helped me in Getting Back the funds which we have Transferred
to his Account in NICARAGUA and I am Presently Staying with him here
in NICARAGUA and I am also Attending One of the TOP SCHOOL Here in

I Never Forget All the Effort you Put as my Former Foreign Beneficiary
Which lead to you losing a lot of your money in trying to help me, so
with my sincere heart before the funds got here in NICARAGUA, I
deposited the sum of $1 Million United State Dollars with the WESTERN
UNION AGENCY in GHANA only in your Name as a COMPENSATION to your
Dedication, Humanity and Contribution in trying to Help me. I Decided
to use the Western Union Agency in Stanbic Bank Ghana to Transfer your
Compensation Fund to you because that is the Fastest way of Receiving
Money World Wide and i want to make sure the Money gets to you.

This COMPENSATION is Just to help you Increase your Business and also
to Cover up all the Money you have Lost so far and you will also use
part of the Money to help the Less Privileges and Widows around you
for more Blessings from above.

And I advise you to Kindly Reconfirm your Full details to the Person
you are to Contact in the Western Union Branch in GHANA for
Clarification for Payment to be Released to you.

Kindly Send the Details Stated Below to them:

You are advised to send your Communication Particulars,

Full Names
Fax Numbers
Contact Address
Marital Status
Your Company Name And Address

Below is the Contact Information of the Person you are to Contact in
the Western Union Branch in GHANA, for him to Educate you on how they
will Transfer the $1 Million United State Dollars Bit by Bit to you.

MOBILE PHONE: +233-240 246 235
LAND LINE: +233-219 286 480
EMAIL: [email protected]

Please Kindly Contact the Western Union with their Above Information,
so that they will Educate you on how to Receive your Funds and when
Contacting them, do tell them that the Funds were deposited by Master
Jafet Simon Lagba, to be Transferred to you.

May GOD Bless you and Guide you on how to use you Compensation Funds
of the $1 Million United State Dollars because you will not hear from
me again and i will not reply your email because i am in a MISSIONARY
SCHOOL and we are not Allow to use Phone or Email. Do contact the
Western Union with the above Information.

Yours Faithfully And Son
Master Jafet Simon Lagba