1. Marius Daniel Bezuidenhout

    Good afternoon,

    I have been conned into applying for an urgent business loan.
    I had to pay R6999.99 for a contract.
    Then I had to pay R19999.00 twice to get the loan amount paid out.
    Plus vat on this amount R2999.99 twice.
    And the most bizarre bit. I had to go to London UK to sign off on this amount or get an Attorney to do it on my behalf.
    I made contact with a Solicitor and he told me that HSBC BANK will never use this practice.
    I have then canceled, and they want R7999.99 to cancel.
    I have not paid the last amount.
    I am out of pocket in the amount of R50000.00
    For absolutely nothing.
    Is there a way to trace these people?
    They use a South African cell number, and purportedly work from PHALABORWA
    Please reply to this email.

    1. We are sorry for your situation but unfortunately Brendinghat are unable to offer advice on an individual basis. All we can do is advise you to contact the law enforcement in your area. There is a public forum aimed at victims that may provide further advice

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