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From: Anne Taylor <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 16:20:39 -0700
Subject: Dearest One,
Dearest One,

Good day to you, my name is Mrs. Anne Taylor the wife of Mr. Joseph
Taylor, from United State Of America a dying woman, I am 67 years old
woman diagnosed with cancer four years ago, I happily decided to
donate what I have inherited to any Charity home in your country for
good works rather than allow my late husband’s relatives to lavish
his hard-earned wealth. I don’t want you to ignore this message
because it is very important to me.

I have been touched to donate from what I have inherited from my late
dear husband who passed away on 19th October 2020 due to COVID-19,
nothing more will make me happy than to achieve this last wish on
earth because at the moment my health keeps deteriorating.

I want to will a total sum of ($USD19.7M) Nineteen Million Seven
Hundred thousand United States dollars to you to distribute to any
charity home on my behalf in your country and 30% of the funds will go
to you for your assistance. I will inform you furthermore on your
response, kindly discard this email/message if you are not God fearing
or capable to handle this humanitarian work as I need a trustworthy
and reliable personality to handle this Humanitarian/Charity work. I
will be looking forward to hear from you.

God bless you.
My Regards,
Mrs. Anne Taylor.


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