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From: Javier Mariscal<[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: 01 May 2022 14:58:47 +0300
Subject: Re:in God i trust
Hello Dear.

This letter will probably come as a surprise, but I prayed to God
to help me choose the right partner. My name is Barrister Javier
Mariscal the legal representative of late Dr. Alfred, who died in
a fatal accident on September 23, 2012. After the death of my
late client, I have searched for family members through all
research. Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful.

In the interest of my deceased client, I decided to expand my
search through the office to find a family member or relative.
Through my search i come across your information, i know you may
not be biologically related into him, but because of a similarity
in your email identification compared with the deceased,I decided
contact and ask for your help. Before the accident that took his
life, my late client paid Euro 13,500,000.00 to the Depot Outlet
in Barcelona. As a lawyer for the late client, the bank has
advise me provide a next of kin,family member or his business
partner to apply for the deposit, otherwise the money will be
claimed by the Government. As with the situation mentioned above,
I am obliged to ask you to cooperate, which is strictly
confidential and safe.

However, I am aware that my request of this magnitude may cause
concern or uncertainty for someone. I assure you of my competence
to bring us through this process. I sincerely ask you for
permission to represent you as heir. The assets will be released
after the process. My suggestion is that the whole share be
shared equally among us. My only request to you is honest
cooperation and collaboration in order to be able to successfully
carry out the process. If you have any furtherquestions, please
do not hesitate to contact me:
Email:[email protected]

As a lawyer and Chartered Accountant, I can guarantee that the
order will be carried out under legal regulations, which protects
us from breaking the law. If I offended you in any way, I hope
you accept my apologies. If you are interested in cooperation,
please feel free to contact me for further explanations.
I will provide you with details and relevant documents that will
help you understand this transaction.

Warm regards,
Yours sincerely.

Barrister: Javier Mariscal

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