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From: "MRS. LUCIA MAKAZHU" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 04:16:54 -0700

Dear Friend,     


I am LUCIA  MAKAZHU, a partner to late Mr. AMOS  MIDZI,
Zimbabwean former ambassador to the USA, former minister of energy and
mining, who was a member of the ZANU-PF party before his expulsion in
2015 on allegations of fanning factionalism. He was also a cabinet
minister and was alleged to be aligned to a faction led by former vice
president JOICE MUJURU and that led to his death on the 09 June 2015
through poisoning allegedly by Robert Mugabe led ZANU-PF party.  


Due to the fact that I was not legally married to him, his wife ALICE
MIDZI (who was appointed the executor of his estate) and her children
sidelined me and my daughter from his estate. I tried fighting them
legally in Zimbabwe and when it became life threatening, I was advised
to let go.     


Just recently, I received a notification from an attorney in South
Africa that Mr. AMOS  MIDZI moved US$15 Million United States
Dollars to South Africa intended for the establishment of a new farm
in South Africa. The fund was deposited in a private security &
finance company in the name of my daughter Ms. CHIDO MAKAZHU as the
beneficiary. On getting this information, I sent my brother Mr.
JULIUS AUGUSTINE MAKAZHU to accompany my daughter to South Africa to
meet with the attorney who had already handed over the documents
showing that Mr. AMOS  MIDZI, the father of my daughter Ms. CHIDO
MAKAZHU left an inheritance for her in South Africa after all, this
was concealed from his family. Due to the situation of things I cannot
do much or go anywhere from where I am presently.   


Would you be interested to assist my brother in moving this money out
from South Africa since his status as asylum seeker (Refugee) does not
allow the transfer of the funds in his name, the family will offer
you 30% of the total amount, 1% will be mapped out to balance any
expenses incurred, while 69% will be for my family and will be
invested in your country under your management. Due to my ill-health
and age, I would suggest you to please contact my brother in
Johannesburg, South Africa on the below Email Address for details and


Please contact my brother Mr. JULIUS AUGUSTINE MAKAZHU on email:
[email protected]   

Telephone number:+ 27-789139839   


I look forward to your positive reply.    





(For The Family)