From: "Palace Burgundy" <>
Date: 6 Aug 2019 11:30:15 -0700


  • IMG_0434.jpg


Please do check out the attached payment slip below made earlier today
for your confirmation.

Best regards,

Palace Burgundy

Tel. 098-5935591

Administration Manager Purchase Order details to be confirmed.

From: "Administration Manager" <>
Date: 24 Jul 2019 16:13:38 -0700
Subject: Purchase Order details to be confirmed.

Hi nigel,

Please see attached.

Awiating your swift reply.

Best Regards,
Belinda Lindstrom
Administration Manager
Mediam Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd
______________________________ _________
6 Jusfrute Drive
West Gosford, NSW 2250
T:(02) 4322 3222
F: (02) 4322 2244

Maria Wilson Product Inquiry

From: "Maria Wilson"<>
Reply: <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019 13:35:51 -0700
Subject: Product Inquiry


Can you quote the best price of the following items listed on our attached purchase order,
As the order are urgently needed and also let me know if you can deliver it before the end of next month.

Awaiting your prompt reply

Best Regards
Gerhard J Kahmann
Purchasing Dept
Taifen Global Supplie


Date: Sun, 12 May 2019 19:01:49 -0700

Good Day,

Attached is the Purchase order list
please confirm so we can proceed.


Jt.. G M ( M A )


MOB. 07042177761

Landline : 011 -40593093

011 -40593081

eugen.lucan Re: 2019 PO payment

From: "eugen.lucan" <>
Date: Tue, 07 May 2019 23:38:19 -0700
Subject: Re: 2019 PO payment

Please refer to the revised purchase order attached for your confirmation. Kindly reply us with your
company stamp & sign for confirmation in order to proceed order.
Looking forward for your reply.
Thanks & Regards,

Kamel Al-jasemr Re: Re Re purchase order

From: "Kamel Al-jasemr" <>
Date: 05 May 2019 18:06:21 -0700
Subject: Re: Re; Re purchase order


  • file2.png

Dear nigel,

My colleague sent you the purchase order( PO ) two times and there was
no response from you.
Attached again is the new PO (offer) for our first order, kindly get
back to us with your invoice stamped with your company name.
We need to sign this contract 0n or before MAY, 09, 2019. We look
forward to your

For any further query, please feel free to revert.


Kamel Al-jasem
Health Enrollment Officer
Health & life Insurance

P.O.Box8836,Dammam31492,Saudi Arabia
Tel:013-8147667 x 3305,Fax:013-8147665 x 3305


Vomax Trading Co. LTD Re: purchase order

From: "Vomax Trading Co., LTD" <>
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2019 13:57:26 -0800
Subject: Re: purchase order


Find our signed purchase order attached, please send sample for product NX-LI-15-0001.

Also send your invoice for payment and advise your lead time. We need this order delivered this summer. Waiting for your confirmation.
Kind Regards, <SPAN class=x_m_3705952721728576516m_- 6243757699181510401gmail-HOEnZb style="FONT-SIZE: small; FONT-FAMILY: Arial, serif, EmojiFont; WHITE-SPACE: normal; WORD-SPACING: 0px; TEXT-TRANSFORM: none; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(0,0,0); FONT-STYLE: normal; ORPHANS: 2; WIDOWS: 2; LETTER-SPACING: normal; TEXT-INDENT: 0px"> Richard Millyard Vomax Trading Co., LTD Purchasing Department, Marleston SA 5033 Australia, P.O. Box 511 T: +6188297140 #PO-210817-Y1HCL- 08.pdf (899KB) Download preview 1 attachment


Email Support Profitable Business Concept.

From: Email Support <>
Date: 15 Feb 2019 07:40:14 -0500
Subject: Profitable Business Concept.


Please I will like you to take your time and read my mail very
well. I ‘m not offering you an employment opportunity, rather I am
looking for a reliable person to handle a profitable business for our
mutual benefit.

Brief Introduction:
I was the former Purchase Officer of FURAGENE BIOPHARMACEUTICALS
LIMITED , a reputable Pharmaceutical company here in UK.
( ) with registration
number: SC399861 and Registered office address at 95 Links View
Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB24 5RL.

Recently, I was promoted and assumed office as the new Director
Research & Development. I usually visit U.A.E and Indonesia
regularly to procure some pharmaceutical raw materials in the
domestic market on behalf of my Company. Our previous supplier of the
Raw Materials . He died two (2) months ago after battling with
cancer for many years.

During my time as Purchase Officer of the Company , I worked closely
with late Mr. Abdulatif Salim to source and supply Local-Herb Seeds
from some local Farmers and Vendors from Turkey. I often travel to
Turkey to pick the product from Mr. Abdulatif Salimwhenever he
purchased it from the local farmers. We inflated the local cost price
of the local two Seeds and made good profits from my company.

After death of Mr. Abdulatif Salim , the C.E.O. and the Procurement
Department of my company have tried to contact him through phone and
several emails hoping that his business partner or any of his family
member will respond to the mails. The Company wanted to sign a 5-10
years Retainer-Ship Agreement with late Mr. Abdulatif Salim and pay
him 50% Advance of Total Order Value, before he died This proposal
is one of mutual trust and benefit for both of us, it may not be your
area of business but it will be another income generating business out
of your specialty and it will not hinder you from your daily
business activities. Frankly speaking, It is 100% risk free!

My Proposal:
I need a reliable businessman / individual from U.A.E, who can contact
my company management introducing himself as the business partner of
Late Mr. Abdulatif Salim , i will give you all the vital information
about Late Mr. Abdulatif Salim business transactions with my company

I will use my position in the company to influence the management to
issue you an Official Purchase Order and sign a (10) ten years
Retainer-ship Agreement with you , which is my main target and will
also enable the company to pay you 50% advance upfront. The profit
accrued from the supply will be shared between us on an agreed %age
without the knowledge of the management. Believe me, we will be making
a minimum of almost $2,125,000/-(USD) in every single transaction.

Company Requirement:
My Company is urgently in need of large quantity of two major
Organic-plant seeds used for manufacture of pharmaceutical products
and anti-viral vaccines.

i) Polygonaceae local-Herb Seeds.
ii) Leristicum local-Herb Seeds.

If you will sincerely work with me to handle this business for our
mutual benefit, please indicate your interest for further
clarification. I will guide you step by step to the successful
execution of this first transaction between you and my company
management. I will also ensure that you receive an Official Purchase
Order from my company management within (7) seven working days after
your communication with the Company management.

I am waiting to hear from you urgently.

Thanks & best regards,

Mr. Victor Alsop Wright .Dir. Research & Development.)
Furagene Biopharmaceuticals Limited UK.
Tel: +447452247152

Vomax Trading Co. LTD Re: purchase order

From: "Vomax Trading Co., LTD" <>
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2019 11:02:19 -0800
Subject: Re: purchase order


Find our signed purchase order attached, please send sample for product NX-LI-15-0001.

Also send your invoice for payment and advise your lead time. We need this order delivered this summer. Waiting for your confirmation.
Kind Regards,

Richard Millyard Vomax Trading Co., LTD Purchasing Department, Marleston SA 5033 Australia, P.O. Box 511 T: +6188297140 #PO-210817-Y1HCL


Sichuan Liaofu Industry PURCHASE ORDER

From: "Sichuan Liaofu Industry"<>
Reply: <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 23:30:37 -0700


I am Lan Deans from Sichuan Liaofu Special Steel Industry Company Ltd
Chin.we have carefully gone through your catalog and accepted you to
be our supplier.I am contacting you on behalf of our partner to
initiate an order transaction.

View the link and email me your best quotation and let me know the
price with MOQ, FOB.We will be visiting your office for further
Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.

If you have any query,please feel free to contact us.
Thank you & Best Regard,
Lan Deans,
Market Development Officer,
Sichuan Liaofu Special Steel Industry Co.,Ltd.
Address: Room 1011,Liangli Steel Trading Mansion C,
No. 6, Jinfeng Road,Jinniu District,Chengdu,Sichuan,Chin

Barbra Jean purchase order

From: Barbra Jean <>
Reply: Barbra Jean <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2018 16:29:24 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: purchase order

I have seen your catalog samples and other details.

Four of our clients gave us this order for your products as shown in our portal.

See samples needed are configured to below link domain

kindly log in with your email to view the samples as follows

and update us with your quotations without further delays.



Sales and Purchase department


1515 Burnt Mill Road

Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Henreich Bunderchman Request for Quotation

From: "Henreich Bunderchman" <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2018 02:36:13 +0200
Subject: Request for Quotation


An email was sent to you yesterday regarding an inquiry from the previous month but no response was received from you regarding this order. I am sending it once more just in case it wasn't received. Please note my new purchase order list in my attached file and kindly send me your draft Quotation on the items. Please find attachment below.

Down load Spreadsheet
We expect to hear from you shortly to enable us offset with the purchase arrangement/agreement once the price is competitive and we get your assurance on the quality of the products. Please pay attention to the products & quantities marked in RED Kindly quote favorably.
Thanks & Regards Henreich Bunderchman Emsland-Strke GmbH 22 Headquarter Emlichheim Emslandstrae 58 22 D-49824 Emlichheim Tel. +49(0)5943/81-0 22 Fax +49(0)5943/81-205 22 Email:

Kwang Nakharin URGENT QUOTE- PO 57084586424

From: "Kwang Nakharin" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2018 01:18:36 -0400
Subject: URGENT QUOTE- PO#57084586424

Dear Sir,
Please find Attached purchase order and quote.
Kindly confirm us your order acceptance and also send draft
commercial invoice by return email.

Thanks & Regards,
Kwang Nakharin
Purchase Officer
188/172 Lat Phrao 84, 84 Mansion,
Wangtonglang, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone +66-2-5380184
Mobile +66 1 488 0030
Fax +66-2-3729105

James Alfiekel Ref: Business Offer

From: James Alfiekel<>
Date: 15 Mar 2018 07:31:24 -0700
Subject: Ref: Business Offer


I am Dr. Alfie James, from Ashford, Kent UK, I am Married with two
children. I got your contact details from a business directory here
in London and decided to contact you directly for a business
proposal with my company.

Our company offer a wide range of core generics with specialties in
respiratory, analgesics and anti-infectives against dangerous diseases
like Cancer, HIV, Asmer and many more.

There are some pharmaceutical raw materials (Cloniburg raw material)
which I usually purchase on behalf of our company from India for the
past 2 years. Presently I have been promoted to the post of General
Manager(Admin); hence my company can no longer send me to India to buy
the materials because of my new position.

Now my company demands for this raw material (500 sachets) very
urgent. The director of my company has asked me for the contact
details of the local dealer in India, which I am yet to give to him.
I need a reliable and trustworthy business partner whom i will
present to the company as the direct local dealer in India to enable
the management to contact him to confirm availability of the
materials and issue him an Official Purchase Order to source the
materials for my company.

This business is risk free and the profit margin is very good, which
would be shared between you and I. Why i don't want the company to
have direct contact of the local dealer/manufacturer is simply because
i don't want the company to know the actual price i was buying the

If you are interested kindly reply me for more details via my
personal Email:,

Thanks & Regrads
Dr. Alfie James

Dhaval Shah Fwd: Regal Co. LTd

From: "Dhaval Shah"<>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2017 02:32:04 -0700
Subject: Fwd: Regal Co.,LTd



Below you will find Attached for ready items With Amendments of new purchase order

Kindly confirm and revert back for proceed.

Please also confirm that BL that was amended is okay to avoid delay we need to spread out all documents today.

Kindly confirm upon receiving mail and advise to proceed loading.

Download Documents 153kb

Best regards,

Dhaval Shah
(Export Manager)

Please consider your environmental responsibility before printing this email P

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Matt Pascual Re:Re: URGENT INQUIRY P.O

From: "Matt Pascual" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 21:58:51 -0700
Subject: Re:Re: URGENT INQUIRY & P.O

Hello Dear,

As regards to our new order placed on 12th June 2017, Please make a review of the signed purchase order and required specs.
Please re-quote so we can place order for urgent shipment.

Download Spreadsheet

Jellycat Limited Shepherds Building, Rockley Road, London, W14 0DA Tel: +44 20 7603 9383 Fax: +44 20 7603

belgraviaimport PURCHASE ORDER

Date: 13 Mar 2017 00:31:27 -0700

Good day to you,

We have attached the List of  Product we wants to buy from your
company, Please find attached document study and select the items,
Kindly take a look at the Standard Quality, Model and Packaging on how
we would prefer it and give us your quote with best price, Thanks for
your kind attention.

Best regards,
(General Manager Belgravia Imports Inc – United States)
Belgravia Imports Inc – United States
275 High Point Avenue, Portsmouth, RI 02871, United States.
Tel: 401 683 3628

B.L.Hinchliffe U1574275 Order Offer Invoice

From: B.L.Hinchliffe U1574275 <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 18:58:35 +0000
Subject: Order Offer & Invoice

Dear ,

We have attached our proposed New Year Order, and we have few questions.

1. What will be the total cost including shipping to Port of NY & NJ, USA?
2. How long for delivery?
3. What are your payment terms?
[ Pdf iconPurchase_Order_9082-2016.pdf ]

Please confirm you are able to supply the goods detailed within the attachment, we will be waiting for your response so we can move forward.


Daniel Rodriguez
Senior Business Manager

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