We are not a directory service

Hi Brendinghat.Can you get us Frances and Patrick true email address?We have a project proposal we would like to address to them.

I have been receiving the above Email from the same person for the last few days. I have not replied as moderating this site has made me suspicious of everyone, and I only respond to inquiries about this site’s content.

Frances & Patrick are a couple of lottery winners. We have an example of Emails where the scammer is pretending to be them. The person who keeps asking for their address first appeared commenting on one of those.

Why am I telling you this? Not sure really, just wanted to get it off my chest πŸ™‚

I am often confused by some of the comments left on Brendinghat. Some people seem to be replying to the Email we have published. The very fact that we are suggesting it could be a scam makes us wonder why they are responding. How did they end up on our site thinking they were looking at their Emails?

I will post a few more examples over the next few days,

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