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From: "Loan Initiator" <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Wed, 31 May 2023 00:37:17 +0200
Subject: Soft Loan Finance.

We are a Group of Legal License Investment Loan Finance Company, a global Loan Investment Funding Group based in UAE. We invite all interested project owners and investors to our project financing programme. I am Khalid Bin Mohammed, the investment Initiating officer and we are ready to fund projects outside the UAE, in the form of debt finance, we grant loans to both Corporate and private entities at a low interest rate of 2% ROI per annum. The terms are very flexible and interesting.

Below is our Loan Investment portfolio
• Minimum and Maximum Funding: USD 1 Million to USD 10 Billion
• Placement Opens to: Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Investors around the globe
• Funding Rate: 2% Interest Rate Per Annum
• Term: 1-30 years – Repayment/Renewable Tenure

To obtain a business loan on your project is easier than you think, we give priority attention to Real Estate Development, other areas of interests include: Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health, Aviation, Tourism, Construction, IT & Communications, Technology, Education, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Telecom, Mining, Maritime and host of other profitable ventures. Based on the above information, we would be glad to receive your Project Plan Executive Summary in a compatible format for review by our investment team/Funders.

Kindly revert if you have projects that need funding for further discussion with us via email: [email protected]