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From: Matt Gubba <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2022 12:17:07 +0000
Subject: Intelligence for the People - G20 & The Bali Leaders' Declaration

Centralised power always attracts corruption
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The biggest threat the world has ever faced is the current push
towards centralised global control.


It’s why I started the International Liberty Forum; we need to fight
it at all costs.


The driving forces behind the globalist agenda are selling tyranny
cloaked in benevolence… they want you to believe they are working
towards the greater good. But the only good they are interested in is
their own.


They will not stop until they have complete control over every aspect
of your life.


In November, we saw world leaders from across the globe meet in Bali
for the G20 Leaders’ Summit, which was attended by none other than
Klaus Schwab himself…despite the fact he is not the leader of a G20


This begs the question; why is the head of a private NGO focused on
building a one-world government being invited to attend a meeting of
world leaders?


In the following blog post, Paul from Critical Sway dissects and
reports the key information we need to be aware of. 


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We cannot allow WEF-corrupted politicians to drag us down the path of
ever-increasing centralised control. 


It will be a hard fight, but we can stop them.


We must stand united, raise public awareness, and push back against
their agenda.


Join the International Liberty Forum today, and help take us one step
close to stopping The Great Reset.
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We have the numbers and the strength to win. So, let’s do it.


All the best,


International Liberty Forum

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