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From: IMF UNIT <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 05:55:36 +0100
Good Day,

My name is Mr. Owim Joe, The Accountant General of International
Monetary Fund {IMF} Well we are contacting you on these situation at
hand demands and need very urgent attention. I have an important
subject to share with you regarding to your approved funds of US$10.5
million that has been approved on your name and has to be paid to you
just as soon as you contact the paying bank in America through United

Now you are advice to contact Mr. Don Callahan who is the Director
United Nation Reconciliation Committee in United Nations Organization
Office in New York United States of America and with your information
so that he can direct you on what to do and how you will receive this
funds from the paying bank in New York just immediately an affidavit
oath are being sworn with your name as the rightful beneficiary.

Here is Mr. Don Callahan contact information for you to contact him
which he will direct you how to contact the paying bank in New York
for your fund payment as i have already said.

Here is Her Contact….

Name: Mr. Don Callahan
Email: [email protected]
Director United Nation Reconciliation Committee.

Finally, you are advice to contact Mr. Don Callahan within 24hrs you
receive this message if not the funds will be cancel and immediately
return to United Nation Account as unclaimed fund, so be a little fast
in contacting Mr. Don Callahan for more clarification concerning how
you will receive your approved fund of US$10.5 Million.

Best regards,

Mr. Owim Joe,
Accountant General of International Monetary Fund {IMF} Washington
D.C, United States of America.