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From: "ATTORNEY. DAVID RYCROFT." <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 22:18:19 -0600
Attention Funds Beneficiary,

I am Attorney David Rycroft, Director, United Nations Washington DC
and, a US representative Attorney assigned with the responsibility to
release your funds from Africa and London-UK. My duty is to make sure
your funds are released to you with immediate effect. We are aware of
the injustice, agony and pains innocent beneficiary’s are unjustly
suffering to the menace of scam from fake officials in Africa, and UK,
we sees such act as misconducts/ misdeed and ill treatment to Humanity
reason we get involved.

It was these fraudulence activities that compare the UN, EU, IMF and
US Gov’t to come together to set up this office under the UN Financial
establishment act of 2013, to Monitor & Investigate, Recover all the
abandon funds and, to make sure you receive your funds without stress.
What I need from you is Trust & confidence with no form of doubts in
your heart towards this payment exercise.

Note: your payment files was submitted to our office because someone
tried diverting these funds through their associates account in Brazil
before our security network tracked them down, further investigations
reviewed that the funds belong to you hence we are contacting you for
verification and confirmations. Investigations are ongoing and very
soon the culprit will be arrested and brought to justice. More details
will be accorded to you immediately and we confirm your awareness of
this fund and your readiness to partner with us. Please, contact me
with the below information:

Your Full Names:
Your Phone Number and WhatsApp Number:
Your House Address in full:
The Amount is US$15,500,000.00:

I am expecting your earliest response!

Yours Faithfully,
Attorney David Rycroft,
Director of Attorneys, United Nations Office,
Debts Reconciliation & Payment Office,
Address: 1775 K ST NW, Suite 500, Washington D.C 20006, USA.