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From: Douglas Smith <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 02:23:11 -0800
Subject: UNCLAIMED Consignments/Boxes
Hello Compliments of the Seasons.
A Request For Partnership.
I am particularly happy dealing with a person of your caliber who
knows what international business is all about. This business is
purely based on trust and it’s 100% risk free business and I
understand your willingness to assist me in actualizing this deal. As
I told you in my first email, all I need from you is a confirmation
that you can handle this deal in question, and then all the details
will be given to you as we progress. My name is Mr.Smith Douglas, a
Vault Manager with a Private Security Firm in Ghana. Having worked
with this security company for the past 18 Years with dedication and
having nothing to write home about. Hence I have to package this deal
for our betterment.
 There is this UNCLAIMED Consignments/Boxes Deposited in our
Company’s Vault for the past 15 years ago, and nobody has ever shown
up for the claims and collection till date. Having made inquiry and
investigation why these Consignments/Boxes has not been claimed by
their depositors/Owners I discovered they are late/dead for the past
10 year ago, no forwarding contact Addresses of these
depositors/Owners and every effort to locate any of his surviving
relatives or close family members proof abortive.
Few Months ago, the Management and board of directors resolved to
dispose All Unclaimed Consignments/Boxes that has exceeded the period
of 6year without it depositor coming for claims and collection be
dislodged from the Vault and disposed, So as to create space to
accommodate incoming Boxes. Actually, Many Consignments were dislodged
from the Vault for disposal but being the Vault Manager, I decided to
know the contents of these boxes. After scanning these few
Consignments electronically, I discovered their contents to be fiscal
cash running into Millions of United States of American Dollars.
It may interest you to note that none of the staff or management of
our company know anything relating to this development till date, I
contacted you believing that you could be of assistance and help me to
legally secure and claim these Trunk Boxes from our company for
further delivery to your country. While I join you in your country to
Disburse/Share the proceeds of the Consignments/ Boxes  50% / 50%
with you.
Should you need to see the copies of the deposit Documents covering
these Boxes issued to the late depositor by the management of our
company, I will not hesitate to present them to your perusal and
study. Kindly forward your full contact Address, direct Telephone,
cell phone and fax numbers known to me. I can guarantee you that if
only you give me a chance and cooperate with me within the next
fourteen (14) working days from today the consignment will be released
and delivered to your doorstep in your country. I know how to handle
this and immediately after the completion of this transaction I will
personally destroy and delete every information leading to the
completion of this transaction. This is to assure you that I will not
leave any traces.
Best Regards.
Mr.Smith Douglas

Manager Vault/Storage Depart.