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From: Mawuli lawson <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2022 10:16:33 -0700
Subject: Good day

Good day 
I am Mawuli lawson 15 years old from Liberia and I am in ghana  with
my late father’s consignment box of $6.5 million USD with 10kg of Gold
inside and I am at the border of Afloa where the immigration officer
are trying to open my consignment box which I informed the immigration
that i lost the key to the box and now they want me to pay them the
amount of Ghs720 cedis to clear the box without opening it. I have
been using money from the box to arrive to Ghana not knowing that they
will need to ask me to open the box or pay this amount of money.

I am asking for your help to pay the money complete to the immigration
because the money with me is Ghs220 left with Ghs500 to pay them and
take my box from them. I old the immgiration that the box contain my
mother’s clothes and my own cloths.

I want you to be my beneficiary in contacting the immigration for them
to release the box so tht i can take money from the box and send to
you through western union here in Togo for you to be able to send your
representative to come and help me get the box to a safe place. please
get back to me with your telephone number and complete name for me to
meet with the immigration officer and inform them that you’re my
foreign beneficiary for them to imediately release the box to me after
paying the require fee to them. i have one of the officer number if
you want to call direct to them ..

I wait to hear from you.
Mawuli lawson

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