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From: "Carol Mitchell"<[email protected]>
Reply: <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2022 15:29:37 +0200
Hello Beloved

I am Carol Mitchell a Missionary formally with Saints Peter and Paul Church Catholic North Beach/Telegraph Hill 666 Filbert St San Francisco, CA 94133 USA, I have the Sum of US$6M in CIT Bank N.A (New York) before I was diagnosed with cancer of the blood and according to my doctors I have just two or three weeks to live.

So I want you to help me stand as my Next of Kin to enable CIT Bank N.A (New York) Transfer this US$6M to you, note that you will take US$3M out of this US$6M and give the remaining US$3M to any Charity Home here in United State, Africa, Canada, Europe and Asia because that was the vow I made to my God Almighty before I became a Missionary.

I want you to get back to me immediately if you are interested in standing as my Next of Kin, So that I can introduce you to my Lawyer, Bank and direct you on how to proceed before I pass away in this world because I have only two weeks to live according to my Doctor. I await your urgent response.

Missionary Carol Mitchell.
Saints Peter and Paul Church
North Beach/Telegraph Hill 666 Filbert St San Francisco, CA 94133 USA

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