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From: Gerard Wood <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: 15 Jul 2022 12:14:50 +1000
Subject: Raw Supplying Of Material
Hello Friend,,

There is a raw material which our company always sends me to
purchase. Right now I have been promoted to the post of
production manager, our director has asked me for the contact of
the local dealer to enable them to send the new purchasing
manager to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer. i
do not wish to let anyone in our company know about this because
of my interest in the business and the profit we will be making
in supplying the material to my company. I intend to present you
as a supplier in your country (You will be a Middleman between
our company and the local vendor) so that my company will not
know the main source of the material. This is just a kind of
buying and selling.

The local dealer in India is selling it at the rate: ($28,000.)
while my company purchased at the rate of ($46,000) which was the
market price, and then all profits accrued would be shared
between you and me, after deduction of all your expenses, etc.
This would be a long term business relationship between you and
the UK company. So i want us to take advantage of the market
price that the India dealer offers the product on for a good

It’s quite unfortunate what happened to my late partner, who used
to purchase the material from the local dealer in India and
supply it to the UK company, I found out he died of CoronaVirus,
COVID-19, May his soul rest in Peace.

This material can be found in India and Fiji only but cheaper in
India. I want you to act as the dealer. I will present you to the
company as the dealer where he was purchasing this product; You
would now purchase the product from the manufacturer whom he used
to buy from, and supply to the UK company. After purchasing from
the original manufacturer, you would sell to our new purchasing
manager at a higher price. The profit would be shared between you
and I. This business is very lucrative and it is continuous.

Your role must be played perfectly and the least I expect from
you is betrayal. I don’t want my organization to know the real
cost of the product because of my interest. Kindly get back to me
if you are interested. Awaiting your reply with best wishes,
kindly reply in the future corresponding if you are interested.

Gerard Wood
e-Mail : [email protected]

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