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From: "Masraf Capitals LLC"<[email protected]>
Reply: <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2022 13:56:23 -0700
Subject: RE: HELLO

We have direct mandate from our investors to seek new business opportunities and projects for possible funding and capital financing. Our investors are from the gulf region and intend to invest in viable ventures or projects which you are currently executing or intend to embark upon as a means of expanding their global portfolio. We are open to further discussions on this subject through any medium you deem appropriate.

Thanks, and Stay Safe.


Eman Ismail
Head of Finance & Administration
Masraf Capitals LLC



  1. ANOTHER ONE..>!!!!!

    Anita Louise Farrelly 11:21 PM

    We have a mandate from our investors to secure new business opportunities and projects for possible Capital Financing for interested individuals/firms.
    We are open to further discussions on this subject through any medium you deem appropriate.
    Let us know.

    Thanks, and stay safe.
    Best Regards
    Anita Louise Farrelly
    Masraf Capitals LLC

  2. Daniel Vianco

    Hi the same is happening, please see the picture & even the from of tax is look real, but what makes me unhappy & is they aks to the real AlRayan, not one responded


    Dear Sir,

    Al Rayan Investors are lending to these Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) based on their assets and liabilities and not the assets and liabilities of the parent firm. The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company takes non-recourse financing. This means that in the event of a default, investors can only seize the assets of the project and not the assets of the parent firm, which may be involved in the project.

    Debt investors include banks, investment banks, private equity firms, and even pension funds. Infrastructure companies have been providing a wide variety of financial instruments that the debt investors are using to invest their money in these Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). The Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is one of the most used tools in infrastructure financing. It doesn’t matter whether the project is being constructed by a private company, a public entity, or in a public-private partnership. In most cases, special purpose vehicles are created for every infrastructure project.

    The requested SPV is not a free-zone SPV. This is a different type of SPV that’s issued and certified by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and it’s 100% foreign ownership, 100% tax free, no annual cost, no commercial activities, no physical address but a registered address. It’s role is only to carry out financial activities to receive the loan and wire to your bank account. The best entity for the loan transaction will be Holding Company with a minimum capital amount of $10,000.00 under UAE regulation.

    After the SPV is formed, ARD Alamana Project Mgt Co, will apply for the Certification of the SPV under the central bank SPV Companies Regulation. The certification of the SPV will ensure collateralization of the loan under the private investors grant (PIG).

    Afterwards ARD Alamana, will proceed to open an SPV credit line bank account under the name of the newly formed subsidiary SPV License on your behalf for the investors (Al Rayan Investment ) to deposit the loan amount into the SPV account for your company to have full 100% access to wire the funds to your bank account without any interference.

    Enclosed is the requirements for $7,000,000.00 (Seven Million United States Dollars) investment loan SPV set up in other to receive the investment funds as outlined by Central Bank of United Arab Emirates.

    Esem Moulin
    Registration Officer
    ARD Alamana Project Mgt.

    1. Hello, can you tell from which address have received this email and if anyone from al rayan was copied?
      Thank you

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