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From: Mr.Stuart Falkin <[email protected]>
Reply: <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 10:55:22 -0800

Dear Sir,

I am contacting you with a keen interest to consider a possible collaboration through investments in viable projects in your country. As a way of introduction, I am an accredited broker to a financial services firm here in the UK. The financial services firm I represent is solely responsible for investing funds through a diversified investment strategy, targeting positive capital returns through a global expansive portfolio, hence their interest in seeking possible collaboration with a capable private individual or firm globally.

The financial services firm intends to invest in areas of agriculture,mining, manufacturing, construction, Real estates, Production, trading etc, as well as any business you consider viable. We are ready to invest in project developments and business ventures that can generate at least 5% Annual Return on Investment (AROI) per annum.

We will be glad to partner with you in any viable project initiative within our scope of funding. If interested please write to me for possible business collaboration and send us your business plan, you can reach me on Email.

Kind regards,

Mr.Stuart Falkin
Investment accredited broker London – UK.

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