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From: "Aljomandi Kareem C.R.M (YICOM)" <[email protected]>
Reply: "Aljomandi Kareem C.R.M (YICOM)" <[email protected]>
Date: 10 Nov 2021 16:13:52 +0100

Greetings and Good day to you,

We have a ready Lender/Investors who is willing to invest in projects
{Real Estates, Construction or any viable projects }on loan bases.
They have the financial strength and capacity to fund projects between
$380,000 to $4.1BillionUSD for loan funding of capital projects and
Investment Plans at 1.98% interest rate for a 10 years tenure with
grace period of 10/16 months.

Kindly send your business plan and executive summary or refer us to
anyone with a good business plan and could benefit from the scheme,
for our investment team Head reviewing and funding .

We are waiting to proceed with the closing and disbursement of
investment loan funds.I hope we can work together in securing this
investment funds scheme you seek and other future transactions.

Thank you in advance as I anticipate your kind response


Yours Sincerely,


Aljomandi Kareem.C.R.M

For Allied Consults Service Ltd

Subsidiary of (YICOM)

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