1. Krisztina Pintér

    I have been the victim of a fraud involving Frances Connelly’s £ 115 million prize pool.
    I sent money to Kommerzbank Czech Republic (€ 420 and € 1100 and other losses) to the account number JIRI SMÍD CZ4701000001076293870217.
    08. October 2021. and 14. October 2021. and 20. October 2021. at these times
    Currently, instead of € 4,550, only € 3,050 is requested. $ 1,500,000 will then be sent to Citi Bank’s account.
    I received various data, names, addresses, instructions. Others may be injured.
    This is a very big scam.
    I received emails from [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]
    From here I saw a Citi account on my behalf:
    I currently live in Hungary.
    I can give data because there can be a lot of casualties.
    Thanks to Krisztina Pintér About Hungary is the city of Szekszárd
    I tried to report on this page:

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