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From: Elizabeth Daryl Jeffrey <[email protected]>
Reply: [email protected]
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2021 11:14:08 +0100
Subject: Proposal from Mrs. Elizabeth Daryl Jeffrey

Warm greetings.

I was compelled to write to you under a humanitarian ground.

My names are, Mrs. Elizabeth Daryl Jeffrey a widow to late Daryl
Jeffrey, from USA, I am 64 years old, suffering from long time
cancerous tumors, and from all indications my condition is really
deteriorating and it’s quite obvious that I won’t live more than 6
months according to the hospital report.

My late husband Daryl and I lived in Paris, for over 18 years. He
later had chronic cardiovascular condition and died of cardiac arrest
few years ago. I because so worried, when the medical reports revealed
that my cancer ailment have become terminal & more,because i do not
have any child to bequeath all that Daryl & I labored for. I now
decided to write to you in absolute confidence primarily to seek your
assistance on this subject.

I inherited some fund from my late loving husband, which he deposited
in a bank in Paris. I’ve decided to impact lives of the less privilege
with the fund, and I’m contacting you to undertake the project for me.
I took this decision, since I don’t have any child that will inherit
the fund, and I don’t want in any way whereby what Daryl & I labored
for will be misused.

However, the intend purpose of the fund is for Charity, to build a
foundation and assist the helpless/Less Privilege.

God does watch over us and does notice us, but it is usually through
someone else that he meets our needs, charitable and indulgent to

I would appreciate a reply as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Mrs. Elizabeth Daryl Jeffrey.
Email:[email protected]


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